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Dave Clements


About Dave

Dave has a wide range of real-life expertise as a ‘hands on’ entrepreneur and CEO who’s been a founder, owner, and operator of two successful tech start-ups. He’s been part of the vanguard of internet professionals who have been building web and cloud-based software into useful business tools over the past 25 years.

Most recently, Dave was co-founder and CEO of Lasso CRM from the company’s market launch in January 2005 through a successful sale and exit in December 2018. He was at the center of creating rapid brand awareness in a competitive market while driving consistent, predictable growth and positive cash flows through both good and tougher economic cycles. During Dave’s tenure, Lasso grew to achieve industry acclaim as the leading CRM software for homebuilders and real estate developers across North America. 

Dave has a diverse executive skillset and recent real-life experience leading marketing, sales, client experience, and product development to strategically achieve both growth and financial objectives. His cultural framework for building a high-quality performance-driven team is to lead by example, focus on the process, listen more/talk less, and, when in doubt, ‘do the right thing’. He understands the pros and cons of bootstrapped growth and external investment, and has utilized both senior and subordinate debt financing. Dave ultimately led Lasso through a successful exit strategy and sale that involved complex due diligence processes. 

Dave’s goal of the Performax Group is to make a radical difference in our clients’ growth trajectory and enterprise valuation by providing insightful, pragmatic know-how in combination with proven methods and processes. 

Dave and his wife Maureen enjoy an active lifestyle, spending summers in Vancouver and Halfmoon Bay, BC, and the winter season in Palm Desert, CA.

Connect with Dave

Thank you for your interest in the Performax Group. We received your inquiry and Dave will be reaching out shortly.

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