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Michael Clements


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Thank you for your interest in the Performax Group. We received your inquiry and Mike will be reaching out shortly.

About Michael

Michael Clements has gained a wealth of frontline expertise both selling and coaching in complex B2B and professional B2C sales. Mike’s passion for selling and his high-performance track record was bred in the trenches – he received multiple top producer awards while working with Avesdo, Lasso CRM, and AIL Canada. His diverse experience includes starting his career as a road warrior working on 100% commission to later conducting hundreds of engaging in-person and online presentations and demos to executive teams and committees. He’s created business development (BDR) programs from scratch; recruited, hired, and trained; and completed tens of thousands of outbound calls (often with a trainee by his side).


Perhaps most importantly, Mike understands that selling in today's competitive business world is hard. Forbes, with stats from Salesforce, reported that 57% of reps did not hit their target last year! Mike knows firsthand the skills, processes, and activities needed for sales reps and teams to consistently and predictably hit their sales targets. It's typically not working harder or staying at the office longer (although sometimes that applies too). It's equipping sales professionals for success with the right frameworks, processes, and tools, and by showing (not telling) reps how to execute on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s omni-channel prospecting and rebuttal handling, inbound and outbound lead management, messaging and follow-up processes, tech stack implementation, or performing a top-notch discovery and demonstration with key decision-makers, Mike's enthusiasm for people, and true passion for helping others improve aligns perfectly with today’s modern sales professional. 


Mike's goal with the Performax Group is to give sales professionals and teams the skills and know-how to consistently and predictably hit their targets while bringing integrity, empathy, and fun to the sales process. 


When Mike is not consulting with sales teams, he enjoys cross-training, cooking, reading, and spending as much time as possible with his fiancé Stephannie and their Terrier Bo.

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