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Real-life expertise. Proven processes. Hands-on coaching. 

Meet the team 


Dave Clements

Dave has a wide range of real-life expertise as an entrepreneur and CEO who’s been a founder, owner, and operator of two successful tech start-ups.


Gerry Van Gaans 

Gerry has over 25 years of experience as a CFO in the technology industry.


Michael Clements

Michael has gained a wealth of frontline expertise both selling and coaching in complex B2B and professional B2C sales.

Get in touch with us

Thank you for your interest in the Performax Group. We received your inquiry and someone from our team will be reaching out shortly.

We're Connected.


Over the years we’ve established relationships with some top quality bankers, legal advisors, accounting firms, and M&A experts. We would be pleased to facilitate introductions as may be appropriate to your business.

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